Data Protection

The use of personal data of visitors of the website Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting and of candidates is subject to Swiss data protection law, particularly to the federal data protection law of June 1992 (DSG) and ā€“ as far as applicable ā€“ to foreign foreign data protection laws such as the European Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) of May 2018.             

The EU recognizes that the Swiss data protection law provides sufficient legal data protection. If website visitors/candidates provide Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting with personal data (e.g. CVā€™s, references/certificates) for application purposes, the data will be used for the assessment of profiles only. Other with the website visitors/candidates agreed upon processing purposes remain reserved but need the explicit approval by the website visitors/candidates.

The transfer of personal data to third parties by Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting will only happen, if
a) the website visitors/candidates give their explicit approval
b) the transfer is a legal obligation
c) the transfer is necessary for the assertion of claims of Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting, mainly
    arising from contractual relationship.

Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting uses personnel data as long as needed for with the website visitors/candidates upon agreed purposes. In case of longer storage of personnel data due to legal obligation, Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting limits the use of personnel data accordingly.

Website visitors/candidates of those Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting is using personal data have the right,
a) to get a confirmation about the use of their personal data free of charge
b) to limit the use of their personal data
c) to exercise the right to transfer their personal data ā€“ as far as the European Basic Data Protection
    Regulation (DSGVO) is applicable
d) to correct/adjust their personnel data
e) to demand the deletion or blockation of their personal data
f) to revoke given approval
g) to raise an objection against the use of their personal data.


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