Job Opportunities

Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting is an executive search boutique for highly qualified candidates and highly renowned clients. 

Vacancies are only listed on the website if direct addressing of potential candidates by  Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting is not possible.

Before a file will be sent to a client, a comprehensive interview with the candidate has taken place. Interviews will be conducted by Rolf Hert personally who also creates the interview report.

Files of candidates will not be sent to clients without permission of the candidates and the clients. A file of a candidate will be presented to one client only according to the client-by-client principle. Thus,  Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting guarantees its clients exclusivity.

Candidates who apply for a vacancy have to sent a complete resume including copies of diplomas and references to  Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting. In case of spontaneous applications a short profile/resume is sufficient. 

Please send files to For clarifications/queries call +41(44) 280 20 30. 

Many candidates are in ongoing employment relationship. Therefore,  Rolf Hert HR Search&Consulting guarantees the highest level of discretion. Please pay also attention to the subsites "Legal Information" and "Data Protection".


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